BSC Workers For a Better Future

Despite our efforts in recent years, we still don't have the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement here at Boeing South Carolina. Unfortunately, that means we still don’t have any protections on the job and continue to be treated unfairly whenever management deems it is in their best interest. It is our belief that the only way to make things better is by forming a union and gaining the right to bargain with Boeing management over our wages, benefits and more.

Why We’re Organizing With the IAM

Strength in Numbers

There’s strength in numbers. By joining together in a union, managers will no longer be able to make the rules up as they go. A union job means the guarantee of a contract that establishes wages, hours and terms and conditions of work.

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Collective Bargaining

A union provides you the opportunity to sit down with management and negotiate over the issues that matter to you. Things like raises, medical benefits, vacation time and other work rules will be determined through your negotiations with your employer.

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The Leader in Aerospace

The IAM represents nearly 600,000 members across North America – many who are working for major aerospace companies. The IAM also represents more than 35,000 Boeing production employees at 24 locations nationwide.

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A union contract puts rules in place that allow you to do your job without fear of unjust treatment. If you feel those rules are broken, you have the legal right to appeal through a grievance procedure. Everyone is treated with respect. Not just management’s favorites.

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Under the National Labor Relations Act, you have the right to join with coworkers to address conditions at work by forming a union or taking othermconcerted action. It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against you for exercising these rights. Head over to the Department of Labor to learn more about your federally protected rights.

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