IAM Advantage

Respect on the Job
A union-negotiated contract puts rules in place that allow you to do your job without fear of retaliation or unjust treatment. If you feel rules have been broken, you have the legal right to appeal through a grievance procedure. As a result, everyone is treated with respect. Not just management’s favorites. Without a union, managers can make the rules up as they go. The IAM stands shoulder to shoulder with out members to make sure everyone is treated fairly. 

Better Wages
Workers in Seattle building the exact same plane as you earn more money. Managers will most likely start to rehash talk of “cost-of-living” differences and so forth. It’s nothing more than a distraction. You deserve more money. Period. And you deserve to know exactly how your raises are determined and how much they will be. Your union contract will do that for you. No union means raises determined by BGOs, which are both subjective and questionable. 

Consistency in the Workplace
A union will bring consistency to the workplace. Things like raises, medical benefits, vacation time, transfer and promotion rights, and other work rules will be determined through negotiations with Boeing. These things won’t be able to be changed on a whim by management. It’s objective and it’s predictable, so you can plan for the future.

Safeguards Against Job Loss.
Seniority is a staple of any union negotiated contract. It’s a way to eliminate favoritism, nepotism and the buddy system when it comes to things like layoffs. Seniority for any new hire into BSC for layoff, promotion and shift preference would begin on their physical start date. Every union contract also has another vital form of job security: a system of “due process” that management must follow. Management must present evidence to justify disciplinary actions, including terminations, and union workers have their own representatives to present evidence and testimony on their behalf. Union contracts may also provide protection to workers by limiting the employer’s right to subcontract and outsource work.

Exclusive Member Benefits
IAM members also have access to exclusive benefits such as free college, consumer discounts and more. Learn more here: